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KCSR Public File
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  • Chadrad Communications Inc. reserves the right to edit or remove any item placed on the page.
  • In order to be approved, all entries must show at least a first name, the item line must be filled out, and THERE MUST BE A PRICE.
  • Entries will remain on SWAP SHOP ONLINE for 7 (seven) consecutive days.
  • SWAP SHOP ONLINE is for the non-commercial use of Chadrad.com visitors.
  • Please list no more than 3 (three) items for sale at the same time.
  • No firearms or ammunition can be advertised on SWAP SHOP, unless they are advertised by a federally licensed firearms dealer with a store front and a Federal & State Tax ID Number. Only Paid Ads of this nature will be displayed. 
  • No Child Safety Seats or Booster Seats for use in vehicles or cribs will be approved.
  • No ads soliciting or selling animals to use in the reproductive process will be approved.
  • Entries on SWAP SHOP must be legal and ethical--no propaganda, drugs, bad language, political, or personal ads. No happy birthday wishes or non-profit organization events.
  • Items appearing on SWAP SHOP on KCSR are not placed on SWAP SHOP ONLINE, and items placed on SWAP SHOP ONLINE are not placed on SWAP SHOP on KCSR. E-mail your item to kcsr@chadrad.com to have it read LIVE on KCSR's SWAP SHOP.
  • Help Wanted Ads are placed on Area Job Openings, not on Chadrad.com’s Swap Shop. E-mail roxie@chadrad.com for more information. Area Job Openings is a paid item.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Information about your event will not be placed on Swap Shop unless paid.  Your notice will be placed on Local Events.  Please e-mail information to kcsr@chadrad.com. As long as advertising has not been purchased elsewhere, it will run on Local Events on Chadrad.com, and on Community Calendar on Stereo AM 610 KCSR. If you would like to purchase an ad on Swap Shop, please e-mail roxie@chadrad.com or simply use your credit card or pay through Paypal to place an ad on Swap Shop. 
  • Unpaid items are not posted automatically; they are manually approved by our staff. Please allow up to 24 hours for your item to be posted during the week or longer if you add an item over weekend hours. Items paid by credit card online are approved automatically.
  • There is no charge for garage or yard sales by individuals as long as only the date, time, and place of the sale are announced. Such sales by businesses or communities, as well as ads naming items to be sold, must be paid. See Rule 13 below. 
  • E-mail questions to kcsr@chadrad.com or call 308-432-5545.
** NOTE: One (1) picture can be uploaded with each Swap Shop ad. The picture must be in JPEG format and must be approximately 640 pixels. If the photo is too large, it will not upload and will give an error message.
Paid items include, but are not limited to, the following. Final determination will be made by KCSR/Chadrad Management.
  1. Items priced at $1,000 or more. All vehicles must list a price, whether they are for sale or for trade. Each item must be listed on a separate ad.
  2. Any animal or animals for sale, priced $151.00 or more. A litter of puppies for sale is a paid item, no matter how much you are charging per puppy. Please put the price you are asking on your pet entry.
  3. Real Estate, including mobile homes and pasture for grazing livestock, for sale or for rent.  (If selling more than one house, or renting more than one house or apartment, each unit must be placed on a separate ad.) 
  4. Hay, in bales or not. (wheat, alfalfa, etc.)
  5. Any meat cut and wrapped for sale, or sold hanging or in bulk.
  6. Any product sold consistently from your home, including handmade items, firewood or garden produce. Information about parties, like Tupperware Parties. Also produce sold in bulk from any location.
  7. Home Daycare Provider, House Cleaning, Professional Lawn Service, Handyman Service, Music Lessons, Auto Detailing, Bookkeeping Service, Home Health or Caregivng Service, Custom Haying, & other services. 
  8. Sewing or Mending, Boarding for Animals, including horses.
  9. Money-making event like a Flea Market, Open House, or Community or Business Yard/Garage Sale. Ads soliciting Vendors for any of the above must also be paid ads.
  10. Estate Sales or "Walk-through" Estate Sales, for which an ad is placed on Chadrad Swap Shop. Ad will not be formatted.
  11. Any item owned by a business, a city, school district, etc. (Inventory, Surplus, Office Furniture, Computers, Equipment).
  12. Ads soliciting bids for any item or items must be paid. E-mail roxie@chadrad.com for details.
  13. Garage/Yard Sales, if items for sale are listed, or if sale is conducted by a city or business, must be paid.  
  14. "Want to Buy Ag Land" ads must be paid.
Cost: One week on Chadrad Swap Shop or KCSR Swap Shop is $55 each. One week on both Chadrad & KCSR during the same week costs $80. All ads must be prepaid. No refunds or credits. If we place your ad on Swap Shop and bill you, a $5 handling fee will be added to your bill. We accept Cash, Check, VISA or MasterCard. To charge by phone, call 308-432-5545. 

* Note: For items requiring payment. To pay by Debit or Credit Card or Paypal when placing the ad, in the Purpose Field, select “For Sale-Pd Ad,” “For Rent-Pd Ad,” or “Other-Pd Ad” and then click submit. The next window will provide you with the option to pay through the Internet. You can also drop by a check or cash, and we will approve your item at that time.

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