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08/20/2014Help Getting Your High School Diploma
08/20/2014Uptown on Campus
08/21/2014Chadron Community Recreation Tackle Football Sign-Ups
08/21/2014Chadron American Legion's Thursday Night Dinner
08/21/2014Crawford Senior Pro Rodeo
08/22/2014Blood Drive at Our Savior's Lutheran Church on 9/11/14
08/22/2014Hay Springs Has Talent
08/22/2014CHS Football Sports Drink Scrimmage
08/22/2014Nebraska State Fair Needs Volunteers
08/23/2014Hay Springs Friendly Festival Office Chair Races
08/23/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
08/23/2014Tractor Pull
08/24/2014Chadron Try-Athlon
08/24/2014Chadron Meet-Up
08/26/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
08/26/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
08/29/2014Crawford Rock Swap
08/30/2014Rushville American Legion Events for Rushville Fun Days
08/30/20142nd Annual Trail Ride & BBQ Lunch
08/30/2014Wazi Paha Festival
08/31/2014Chadron Meet-Up
09/01/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
09/02/2014Hot Springs Senior Center
09/02/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/02/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
09/03/2014VFW Meeting
09/03/2014Tax Time Again
09/06/2014Sioux County Historical Trek
09/07/2014Scottsbluff/Gering Area College Fair
09/07/2014Chadron Meet-Up
09/08/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
09/08/2014American Legion Post Meeting
09/08/2014Student Super Clinic With Husker Sports Nightly
09/09/2014Tire Amnesty Campaign
09/10/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
09/10/2014Dawes County Travel Board Meeting
09/12/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
09/13/2014Northwest Community Action Partnership
09/14/2014Chadron Meet-Up
09/15/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
09/15/2014Governor Call-In Program
09/18/2014The Chadron Record Celebrates 130 Years
09/21/2014Chadron Meet-Up
09/23/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/23/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
09/26/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
09/27/2014 Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
09/28/2014Miss Chadron Outstanding Teen and Little Miss Chadron Pageant
09/30/2014Water Aerobics in Rushville
10/01/2014VFW Meeting
10/03/2014Heritage Highway "Trail of Treasures"
10/06/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
10/07/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
10/07/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
10/08/2014Dawes County Travel Board Meeting
10/08/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
10/11/2014Miss Western Nebraska-Miss Gering Pagent
10/13/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
10/13/2014American Legion Post Meeting
10/20/2014Governor Call-In Program
10/20/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
10/25/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
10/28/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/03/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
11/04/2014 Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/04/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
11/05/2014VFW Meeting
11/08/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
11/10/2014American Legion Post Meeting
11/10/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
11/12/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
11/12/2014Dawes County Travel Board Meeting
11/15/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
11/17/2014Governor Call-In Program
11/17/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
11/22/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
11/25/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
11/25/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/01/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
12/02/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/02/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
12/03/2014VFW Meeting
12/08/2014American Legion Post Meeting
12/08/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
12/10/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
12/10/2014Dawes County Travel Board Meeting
12/15/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
12/15/2014Governor Call-In Program
12/23/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
12/23/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
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TFNPrairie Haven Hospice Bereavement Support Group
TFNSiren Testing
TFNCatholic Ladies Rummage Sale
TFNChadron Hospice Volunteers Needed
TFNVocational Rehabilitation
TFNChadron BPW
TFNHealing for the Angry Heart
TFNNew Covenant Church of the Nazarene