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04/20/2014Crawford Eagles Club Monthly Country Music Jamboree
04/21/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
04/22/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
04/22/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
04/24/2014 Mobile Vet Center At CSC
04/24/2014HFA’s 2014 Annual Living With Grief® Program
04/24/2014DAV Meeting
04/25/2014Panhandle Public Health District & Chadron Public Schools Run For Youth 5K and Fun Run
04/25/2014Community Salad Luncheon
04/26/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
04/26/2014Airport Breakfast & Seat Base Dedication
04/28/2014Nebraska Business Develpment Center Presents Introduction to Government Contraction
04/29/2014LGA Spring Meeting
04/29/2014High, Low and 2nd High
04/30/2014Chadron Berean Awana TREK Youth Group Shaved Head
05/01/2014Lions Club Pancake Supper in Hot Springs
05/01/2014CAPWN Seeking a New Board Member
05/01/2014Tax Time Again
05/02/2014Girls on the Run
05/02/2014Homeschool Track
05/03/20145K Color-Run Fundraiser for Trunk Butte Christian School
05/03/2014Volleyball Tournament in Crawford
05/05/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
05/06/2014Hot Springs Senior Center Pancake, Scrambled Eggs, and Bacon Supper
05/06/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
05/06/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
05/07/2014VFW Meeting
05/10/2014Revival at Hot Springs 7th Day Adventist Church
05/10/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
05/12/2014American Legion Post Meeting
05/12/2014Governor Call-In Program
05/12/2014Nebraska Business Development Center Presents Crowdfunding
05/12/2014Nebraska Business Develpment Center Presents The Braintree Business Bootcamp
05/14/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild
05/17/2014Panhandle Public Health District & Chadron Public Schools Run For Youth 5K and Fun Run
05/19/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
05/21/2014Severe Weather Spotter Training
05/24/2014Ladies Retreat
05/27/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
05/27/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
05/29/2014Robert and Helen Waggener Card Shower
05/31/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
06/02/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
06/02/2014Chadron Public Library Annual Summer Reading Program
06/03/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
06/03/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
06/03/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
06/04/2014VFW Meeting
06/09/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
06/09/2014American Legion Post Meeting
06/11/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
06/14/2014Annual Friends of the Intertribal Pow Wow at Fort Robinson
06/16/2014Governor Call-In Program
06/20/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
06/24/2014Nebraska Business Development Center presents Building a Productive Workplace Culture
06/24/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
06/24/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
06/28/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
07/01/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
07/01/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
07/02/2014VFW Meeting
07/07/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
07/09/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
07/14/2014American Legion Post Meeting
07/14/2014Governor Call-In Program
07/14/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
07/17/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
07/22/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
07/22/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
07/26/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
07/28/2014Nebraska Business Development Center presents Building High Performance Teams
08/01/2014Swimming Lessons in Alliance
08/04/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
08/05/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
08/05/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
08/06/2014VFW Meeting
08/11/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
08/11/2014American Legion Post Meeting
08/13/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
08/18/2014Governor Call-In Program
08/18/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
08/23/2014 Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
08/26/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
08/26/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
09/01/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
09/02/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/02/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
09/03/2014VFW Meeting
09/08/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
09/08/2014American Legion Post Meeting
09/10/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
09/12/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
09/15/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
09/15/2014Governor Call-In Program
09/23/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
09/23/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
09/26/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
09/27/2014 Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
10/01/2014VFW Meeting
10/06/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
10/07/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
10/07/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
10/08/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
10/13/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
10/13/2014American Legion Post Meeting
10/20/2014Governor Call-In Program
10/20/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
10/25/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
10/28/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
10/28/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/03/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
11/04/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
11/04/2014 Dawes County Immunization Clinic
11/05/2014VFW Meeting
11/08/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
11/10/2014American Legion Post Meeting
11/10/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
11/12/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
11/15/2014High Plains CDC Homebuyer Education
11/17/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
11/17/2014Governor Call-In Program
11/22/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Sew Day
11/25/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
11/25/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/01/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
12/02/2014Dawes County Ag/Fair Board Meeting
12/02/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
12/03/2014VFW Meeting
12/08/2014American Legion Post Meeting
12/08/2014American Legion Riders Meeting
12/10/2014Pine Ridge Quilt Guild Meeting
12/15/2014Chadron City Council Meeting
12/15/2014Governor Call-In Program
12/23/2014Veterans Honor Guard Meeting
12/23/2014Dawes County Immunization Clinic
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